Instituto de Idiomas e Intercambio Cultural

.:: Language, History and Cultural Exchange ::.

• Join TLALOC and start experiencing one of the best ways to acquire the language.
• Participate in the volunteering/internship programs .
• Plenty of vacancies available for everyone in different areas.
• Spanish immersion program for kids and adults throughout the whole year.
• Special discounts available upon request for those who need it the most.
• Excursions/trips within the town and out of town during the weekdays and on the weekends.

Visit Cuernavaca Morelos Mexico and acquire the Spanish language at the same time that you can learn about the history and traditions of this great country. But that´s not all, you can also become a volunteer and help out those who most need it, you can make a big difference just by bringing donations and/or participating in the different volunteering/internship areas available at TLALOC.

Having fun, relaxing under the sun while learning Spanish at the same time isn’t that what most people would like? Perhaps, you´ll love going to poor villages to visit the different people at the orphanages, hospital, elder asylums, etc. There are a lot of people waiting to be helped because they are in great need of getting an appropriate home to live or any type of donations. Yes, they´re waiting for you!

Join Instituto TLALOC and start enjoying a truly Mexican experience. Anyone from anywhere is more than welcome to get enrolled at anytime of the year. We have programs for every season: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, so come on over and walk through the doors of success by taking part of our well-built program that has been designed specially for people like you who is interested in becoming acquainted – not only with the language – but also with the history, the culture and traditions of Mexico.


We all know that there are many schools that teach Spanish nowadays; Not only within the Mexican country, but also in several other cities and countries around the world, especially in Canada, the USA, Central America, South America and Spain. All of those institutes may offer many things with a variety of prices, but no other program can really give you what you have been expecting as we do, as our teaching technics really work, you´ll get in touch with Spanish language the way it is spoken in Mexico by volunteering/interning and also taking the Spanish lessons according to your own schedule!


We have been exclusively dedicated to teaching Spanish as a foreign language and placing people in the different volunteering/internship areas for more than

10 years.

» FLEXIBLE START DATES Any Monday, all levels, year round. (Also in Puerto Escondido, check out the holidays calendar)

» SMALL CLASSES: 4 STUDENTS PER CLASS (average) Most of the students get to have a one on one class since there are

different topics and levels.

» SPECIAL SPANISH COURSES Maximum 3 students per class! (For professionals, executives, teachers only one on one lessons)

» CLASS DURATION each class lasts 50 minutes.

» APPROPRIATE LEVEL With 3 different Spanish levels (basic, intermediate and advance) each divided into sublevels, you will be placed in the appropriate level for your language skills.

» MIX & MATCH WITH YOUR OWN SCHEDULE The lessons take place directly at your home of stay. (You choose your own hours) and if you want to volunteer or have an internship, then, we first place each participant in the right area, and then, after they have their working hours settle, we go ahead and plan their lesson hours.

» QUALIFIED TEACHERS All the teachers have more than 10 years of experience in teaching Spanish to foreigners, some of them have a university degree and most of them are native speakers.

» MINIMUM AGE 18 years (for the volunteering/internships) under age participants are allowed with a letter of permission from their parents.


» A ONE TIME ONLY ENROLLMENT FEE: Participants who take lessons will pay a onetime only registration fee, there aren´t any registration fees for participating that volunteer or intern.


(It applies for the Spanish lessons and volunteering/internship only)

» TRANSPORTATION Airport picks up and drops off, single or in a group.

» TEXTBOOK & STUDY MATERIALS FOR EACH LEVEL (Printed sheets with several exercises with a lot of useful vocabulary)

» FREE EXCURSIONS WITHIN CUERNAVACA CITY and PUERTO ESCONDIDO BAY Upon the participant´s arrival, everyone gets a tour as an orientation in the main square better known as “El Zocalo”.

» SPECIAL EXCURSIONS OUT OF TOWN Of course there are many places to visit inside and outside Cuernavaca City or Puerto Escondido bay.

» LEVEL placement test

» CERTIFICATE at the end of the course

» WELCOME PACK containing a map of the city

» TOUR ORIENTATION to get to learn how to get by the city (back and forward)

» A 24/7 SUPPORT DURING YOUR PARTICIPATION No matter what it is, we´re always be there for you at any time!

» EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Salsa and cumbia dancing lessons, Mexican cooking lessons, history and culture lessons

» LANGUAGE EXCHANGES known as “intercambios” with native speakers


Although TLALOC is a small school, the students will find it fun, attractive and very exciting. We all know that there are many schools that teach Spanish nowadays; Not only within the Mexican country, but also in several other cities and countries around the world, specially in Canada, the USA, Central America, South America and Spain. All of these institutes may offer many things with a variety of prices, but no other school can really give you what they promise as we do, as our teaching staff has several years of experience in the language field. You will also find our Campus’ environment very quiet, peaceful and charming. (Please check our current & previous students’ testimonials).

Everyone will realize that our teaching techniques are very simple and easy to follow in order to learn Spanish. For these and many other reasons, we are starting to be considered to have one of the best teaching techniques.
People fall in love with Cuernavaca because of its weather & because of the people right away. Although our main goal is to help you learn the language at an easy pace and at your own rhythm, you can always choose the program which best fits your needs; whether you attend in a school group, alone or with family members, or if you want to study for specific purposes, perhaps you are a professional. e.g. A doctor, nurse, attorney, architect, engineer, police officer, judge, executive, etc., with a special need to become bilingual, or a teacher who wants to gain new methods for teaching the language. We will go straight to the point upon your request, as we have it all to fulfill your expectations.

Many people may think that learning a language in a country like Mexico can be very overwhelming, and in some cases, this might be true. However, this will not be the case with us, as when you get immersed in a caring, structured program such as the one we offer at our Institute, you will obtain more for less money – guaranteed. Don’t delay, learn Spanish and Volunteer today.